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Christmas 2021 is Here! - Blow Mold Store

Christmas 2021 is Here!

It is September 13th, and Christmas 2021 is officially here! Stores still have plenty of Fall and Halloween around, and most folks haven’t even considered buying their Thanksgiving turkey yet!  So why Christmas already?  Two words: Blow Molds!  Wal-mart is back with the Golden Retriever, except this time, it is a Lady Dog!  That’s right, your ole doggie tramp from last year can now do his doggone best to catch the eye of this lovely lady pooch, assuming you can get your hands on one of course.

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Take your Blow Mold display to the Max! - Blow Mold Store

Take your Blow Mold display to the Max!

Reports have been streaming in the past few weeks from numerous stores throughout these United States, either of shelves overflowing with Max’s 24” of blow mold cuteness or a substantial dearth of these collectable canines.  And if we’re talking about Max, how could we not mention the other amazing new Grinch character out this year, Cindy Lou Who.  Yes, the Whoville family makes it into the lineup this year with the adorable Cindy Lou, standing 36” tall, just like the larger Grinch Walmart made available in limited supply last year. Of course, if you can’t find one locally and don’t have friends who are willing to look for you, then you could always win Max and Cindy Lou Who in the annual Blow Mold Store Christmas giveaway. Details forthcoming in early November so stay tuned!
Blow Mold FAQs: What Kind of Light Bulb Should I Use? - Blow Mold Store

Blow Mold FAQs: What Kind of Light Bulb Should I Use?

A Common question we get is regarding the best type of light bulb for blow molds.  Here is an overview of what I've found works well for me, along with the common terms associated with the modern world of light bulbs.  Kelvin (K), Lumens, & Watts: Most folks are familiar with Watts for the strength or brightness of a light bulb, thanks to heat-generating incandescent bulbs. With modern LED bulbs, the more important numbers for brightness are now the Lumens and the Kelvin.
I Wanna Llama (and you will too) - Blow Mold Store

I Wanna Llama (and you will too)

It is less than 140 days until Christmas.  Have you made your Blow Mold wish list yet? 

If prior seasons are any indication, many of these New Blow Molds may be available only sparingly or regionally.  At this time, we are attempting to get confirmation on a few of the ones we think will be the most popular.  Still, we wanted to share with you as soon as we discovered what may be coming to a Lowe’s near you this fall. 

At the BlowMoldStore, we’re huge Blow Mold fans, just like you, so we’re sharing what we know about what we can hope to find in the stores this season.  If you want these new molds though, you’ll have to find them at Lowe’s, just like we do. 

In the meantime, you may want to get a 2nd or 3rd job and save your pennies, as this season is shaping up to be an expensive one!  Well done Lowe’s, and remember, keep it civil out there.

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Twas 22 Nights Before Christmas… - Blow Mold Store
  • Eric Bildt

Twas 22 Nights Before Christmas…

In 2020, we had a special surprise involving 25,000 lights, the beloved Christmas Clark, Hybrid Detroit Muscle, and some special antlers for thier Blow Mold Reindeer… While we didn't get a Vacation, Here’s how it all went down:

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