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Twas 22 Nights Before Christmas…

It is truly a joy and a blessing to provide replacement and factory-made blow mold parts to thousands of collectors around the globe.  Through our journey the past three years, we’ve had some fun moments, and some challenges keeping up with demand. Right now, we’re in the thick of the busy season and fulfilling way more orders than anticipated. Still, it is important to take a moment, have a little fun, and reflect on some of the Joy of the season we spend so much time decorating for. 

So we're sharing with you a whimsical explanation of our opportunity to provide special antlers last year to the famous family reunion of modern Christmas royalty, including Clark, Ellen, and the whole gang!  You see, the production company had limited time and the standard Grand Venture antlers were just too small for their needs. Thankfully, they found our custom hybrid antlers in stock, and the rest is history.  Enjoy this 80 seconds of fun explaining how it all went down🎅🦌🎅🏎🎅

 Chevy in Ford Christmas

And here's the original commercial from 2020:

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Greenly Robert on 2022,08,08

Are you able to copy a base for blowmold indoor Xmas tree.

Aaron on 2022,02,16

Do you all answer inquiries about ordered products?