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I Wanna Llama (and you will too)

I Wanna Llama (and you will too)


It is less than 140 days until Christmas.  Have you made your Blow Mold wish list yet?

Perhaps you’re looking for an older gem like the Poloron Fawn or Empire Snowman Clown.

Poloron Fawn Blow Mold Empire Clown Snowman Blow Mold

Maybe you are still hunting for that adorable Dauchsand from Fred Meyer in 2021 or hoping to get score one of the Max or Cindy Lou blow molds anticipated from Wal-Mart this year?   Sadly, we have neither a magic wand nor a secret supply of the best blow molds laying around; however we do have some insight in what the fine team at Lowe’s may have in store for us all this year. 

Max Grinch Blow Mold Dog Cindy Lou Who Grinch Blow Mold

Sure, some folks are trolling the aisles for Halloween right now, and that’s certainly fine.  There are some cool new Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally molds, some groovy pumpkin faces, and a Mickey and Minnie Mouse offering even this year.

Mickey Mouse Halloween Blow Mold Ghost pumpkin blow mold Minnie Mouse Halloween Blow Mold

Still, I’m already looking at Christmas and was extremely excited to discover what is on the horizon for 2022.

If prior seasons are any indication, many of these may be available only sparingly or regionally.  At this time, we are attempting to get confirmation on a few of the ones we think will be the most popular.  Still, we wanted to share with you as soon as we discovered what may be coming to a Lowe’s near you this fall.

First, a few new and exciting ones we found on the Lowe’s site:

  1. Mickey & Minnie Mouse: Two different pairs, one pair from 2018 with a new paint scheme, and an entirely new shape/style for 2022, each around 2 ft tall

    Mickey Mouse Blow Mold RePaint 2022Minnie Mouse Blow Mold RePaint 2022

    Mickey Mouse Blow Mold 2022Minnie Mouse Blow Mold 2022

  2. Bumble, with Gifts: From the iconic Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer franchise, 23" tall

    Bumble Rudolph Blow Mold

  3. 34” Reindeer: This one is adorable and I’m guessing it will sell fast at nearly 3 ft tall!

    Lowes Reindeer Blow Mold


Next, a couple that might get you extra jazzed for this Christmas:

  1. Welcome to the North Pole: a delightful take on something everyone needs, a 41" tall North Pole sign

    Lowes North Pole Welcome Blow Mold

  2. 3 ft Ornament Stack: We love these larger blow molds. A 3 foot tall stack of ornament balls?  Yes please!

    Ornament Ball Stack Blow Mold
  3. Grinch 3.0: This time the 24" version has a polka-dot sock. Don’t fall for the 4 year old version at outrageous prices.  You’ve been warned.

    Grinch Sock 2022 Blow Mold

  4. Kevin!!! – Yes, we need more Minions. Many, many more! Kevin stands 24" tall in his ugly Christmas sweater & is going to fly off the shelves (if he ever makes it to them)!

    Minions Kevin Ugly Sweater Blow Mold


And finally (while it appears there will be many others like candles, santas, candy canes, etc… we only had time for the crème of the crop) without further ado (or drama):


  1. The Holiday Llama!!!

Llama Holiday Blow Mold 

Yes this adorable Llama stands 3 ft tall and is rumored to be hitting Lowe’s shelves before Christmas.  It is even collapsible for easy storage (I'm guessing it can tuck it's head and neck safely in the body during the off-season.)  Let’s hope they have a huge herd of them, or there may be a stampede! 

At the BlowMoldStore, we’re huge Blow Mold fans, just like you, so we’re sharing what we know about what we can hope to find in the stores this season.  If you want these new molds though, you’ll have to find them at Lowe’s, just like we will.

We’ll be back to update the blog with additional information as it becomes available.  In the meantime, you may want to get a 2nd or 3rd job and save your pennies, as this season is shaping up to be an expensive one! 

Well done Lowe’s, and remember, keep it civil out there.

Happy Hunting!
- Eric


P.S. – Feel free to check out the links and additional lists of this year’s anticipated blow molds from the fantastic team over at www.BlowMoldBuddy.com



(Images from www.blow-molded.com and www.lowes.com.  The BlowMoldStore is unaffiliated with either.)


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Michele on 2023,07,15

Looking a poloron fawn

Vicki Johnson on 2022,11,24

Would love a Cindy Lou Hoo for my sister in law Cindy Lou but understand none were shipped to the West Coast
. Sad

Mary Jane Lindenmuth on 2022,10,20

We were at lowes in Pottsville PA and they had the blow mold tree and the ornaments. They were sold out !! We checked all other lowes and they were sold out as well. I was very disappointed I would have purchased right on the spot. I could have had them shipped for three hundred dollars to my home. Any other options?? Couldn’t believe they were sold out.