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Christmas 2021 is Here!

It is September 13th, and Christmas 2021 is officially here!  Yes, I know... there are other holidays coming too.  Stores still have plenty of Fall and Halloween around, and most folks haven’t even considered buying their Thanksgiving turkey yet!  So why Christmas already?  Two words:  Blow Molds!

Cracker Barrel was first to the party with their two snowman blow molds.  An adorable indoor tabletop model that stands 11” tall, and a whimsical outdoor one with bright colors that stands at a standard (these days) 24” in height.  Sure, the bigger one has paint issues, although the price isn’t very high so you get what you pay for. Those two molds hit stores over the past few weeks and have already sold out in many places. 

 Cracker Barrel Blow Mold Snowman          Cracker Barrel Whimsical Blow Mold Snowman

Next, Lowe’s stepped up to the party this past weekend and is beginning to put out their Christmas décor. They have numerous new blow molds, including a fantastic looking 36” high stack of presents that looks great illuminated, and the soon-to-be-sold-out ,officially licensed Frosty blow mold (rumored to be getting the Minions treatment and unavailable in many stores).  There are other new Mickey and Minnie Mouse molds, a new Grinch, and a fantastic looking tree I haven’t had a chance to put together and plug in.  Lowe’s really did their homework this year!

Lowe's present stack        Lowe's Frosty Blow Mold    Lowe's Present Stack Blow Mold Illuminated 

Not to be outdone, Walmart has stepped up again big time this year and is beginning to setup their stores for Christmas.  It seems they took last year’s success as just a beginning, and they have some great looking blow molds coming out this year!

First is a gingerbread house that should help fill a void in a very underserved category. Unlike the overpriced and underdelivered Mr. Christmas offerings from last year, this red and white trimmed candylicious mold has normal dimensions like a typical blow mold and is decorated on multiple sides. As it stands 36” tall, I’m betting it will be a fan favorite at only $45.  

Walmart Gingerbread House Blow Mold Front     Walmart Gingerbread House Blow Mold Side

Second are some nice-looking Santa and Snowman offerings, changed up nicely from the ones available last year.  The first Santa and the Snowman are each 32” tall so it is nice to see them sticking with the slightly larger blow molds here.  The 2nd Santa should be this year’s 24” version as he is only $24.88 vs the $34.88 of the other two. 

Walmart Merry Christmas Santa Blow Mold   Walmart Snowman Blow Mold   Walmart 24" Santa Blow Mold

Third is an interesting looking Gnome holding a lantern.  He kind of reminds me of the old Swedish Tomte gnomes I remember seeing around the house growing up.  With his hat, he is 28” tall (and without it he’s probably about 12” haha).

        Walmart Gnome Blow Mold

Finally, Wal-mart is back with the Golden Retriever, except this time, it is a Lady Dog!  That’s right, your ole doggie tramp from last year can now do his doggone best to catch the eye of this lovely lady pooch, assuming you can get your hands on one of course.  Let’s all hope the big box store to the masses ordered plenty of this model for this year and they won’t be immediately sold out like last season. Or else this canine companion will be one expensive date!

      Walmart Golden Retriever Blow Mold 2021 Lady

Seeing all of those (and the many more that are available or coming soon from other locations) certainly puts me in the Christmas spirit!  So while some folks are getting distracted with everything creepy, crawly, and spooky, keep your eyes peeled for these new blow molds coming to stores near you soon.  Some people may not realize Christmas season is already here, but I bet most blow molds will be gone before they know it! 

Thanks for reading and we’ll be back in touch with more fun news to share again soon.

Merry (early) Christmas! 

-Eric & Matt
the Blow Mold Store


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Tia Trevallion on 2021,12,03

I have been trying for several years to find a blow mold Santa and reindeer team that were originally made by Empire and General Foam that go on the rooftop. I wish someone would start production of these classics again. People who are selling the originals are selling them for so much t- sometimes in the thousands – they are out of reach for most of us. I had read the original molds were sold with the company. Whoever has them should start production again. I guarantee they would sell out.

Lesa Tafoya on 2021,12,03

I am searching for the 2020 Tramp Retriever, I just purchased the 2021 girl Retriever and want to make a set of both, is this possible ?

Cindy Caudle on 2021,11,24

Any lantern tops in the works? Plastic like the candle flames would be so much better than the thin original stuff

cheryl johnson on 2021,11,17

looking for the 36 inch christmas gingerbread house thanks so much

BArbara Moore on 2021,11,01

I am looking for the gingerbread house