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Take your Blow Mold display to the Max!

That’s right, this year the hunt has been on for the Max blow mold, the faithful sidekick of our favorite & begrudgingly lovable Grinch. Reports have been streaming in the past few weeks from numerous stores throughout these United States, either of shelves overflowing with Max’s 24” of blow mold cuteness or a substantial dearth of these collectable canines. I personally checked stores in multiple states across three time zones and struck out at nearly all of them, whether too early or too late depending on the store or region.  Either way, this season brings images of many excited collectors showing off their glorious new purchases, contrasted with countless, frustrated enthusiasts encountering empty shelves with sadness and dismay.

Max Grinch Blow Mold

And if we’re talking about Max, how could we not mention the other amazing new Grinch character out this year, Cindy Lou Who.  Yes, the Whoville family makes it into the lineup this year with the adorable Cindy Lou, standing 36” tall, just like the larger Grinch Walmart made available in limited supply last year.  Like Max, she is similarly elusive this year and not necessarily in all the same stores that Max is in.  It’s like Walmart decided to make it twice as tough to find them. 

Cindy Lou Who Blow Mold
Well don’t give up hope!  Reports are still coming in that some stores have yet to get their seasonal sections up or receive all their pallets for this season.  Some stores also still have some on their shelves if internet sourced pictures are to be believed.  Of course, if you can’t find one locally and don’t have friends who are willing to look for you, then you could always win Max and Cindy Lou Who in the annual Blow Mold Store Christmas giveaway.  That’s right, we did source a set of these two new and adorable blow molds just for this giveaway, and will be holding a contest in November where one winner will receive both the Max and Cindy Lou Who blow molds.  Details forthcoming in early November so stay tuned!

BlowMoldStore 2022 Giveaway Max Cindy Lou Blow Mold

Of course, if you don’t end up the winner in our contest or don’t want to wait, it is also possible to check the secondary market like Facebook marketplace, eBay, or Mercari; however please be careful in how you proceed there.

Buyer Beware:  Scammers are everywhere and preying on desperate people who fear missing out on the latest “must-have” items, and these year’s blow molds are no different.  Please don’t fall for “give us your phone number” or “pay us on Cash App or Zelle” scams where you send $100 and never see the item.  Use only reputable platforms and don’t overpay.

So please be cautious when searching online and use your best judgment before paying 2-4x for a new piece that still may be coming to a store near you, or that you could have a chance to win in our November contest. 

The folks over at Gemmy were hitting all the right buttons this year with Walmart and the one-two punch of adorable cuteness: Cindy Lou Who & Max the Dog. If you already have your 36” Grinch from last year (limited availability again this year in some stores) then you could be on your way to the trifecta of Christmas Grinch blow mold love this holiday season.

Grinch Blow Mold Family Max Cindy Lou

Happy Hunting! 

-Eric & Matt

P.s. – Don’t forget, we have some of the best Blow Mold parts and accessories, in stock and ready to ship.  And stay tuned for more on the 2022 Christmas Giveaway with the Grand Prize of Max & Cindy Lou Who, coming soon!

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Dr. Tim Gooing on 2022,12,30

Looking for Max the dog please.

Blazier Sheryl on 2022,11,23

Knight Steve I was going to tell you about this website that I found and the giveaway! Lol so I have been looking for you and yes eBay and other places sell them but not at our budgets! So this giveaway is a chance to hopefully win it. But when will the sweepstakes be? Good Luck Steve! 🤞🙏

Knight Steve on 2022,11,18

I so need 2 of each max and Cindy Lou Who to go with our grinches to display in my yard and my daughter’s Yard my 3 year old grandaughter simply loves them but here in southeastern illinois and southwestern Indiana they are not to be find please help

Josefa Estrada on 2022,11,17

Where can I find max I got grinch and cidney lou who

JIM on 2022,11,05