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Christmas is Here! (and Target Blow Molds Too)

Christmas is Here!

Twas the 19th of September and through every street, 

Collectors are hurriedly shuffling their feet. 

Checking the stores to see if they scored

The new blow molds out there, the ones we must hoard. 

The new molds were shrink wrapped in pallets so tight

Sitting high up on shelves night after night.

Poor lowly employees being asked every day,

“Please get them for me and my growing display.

The children they love all my blow molds and lights, 

That one up there surely will bring such delight.

It’s only a few stories way up on the shelf. 

Don’t You want to be like Santa’s best elf?”

From Lowe's to Walmart, Home Depot & Menards, 

We check every one to fill up our yards.

Then what to our surprise do we find online? 

New blow molds from Target; perhaps it's a sign.

It’s only September and Christmas is here. 

This truly’s the most wonderful time of the year.

What a great year to be a blow mold collector!  As you have probably seen, there are new molds all over the place this year, and plenty of 2019 molds available again from the usual suspects like Menards & Lowe’s.  (For all you spooky-sorts, sure there are a few, fun Halloween ones out there too. Sorry to jump right over pumpkin-mania & to my favorite, Christmas…)  

A few days ago, I noticed Target was releasing some smaller Blow Mold figurines & decided to place an order. At the time, only two models were online that I could find, each being $10. With free shipping on orders of $35 or more, I opted to buy two of each. 

They arrived at my doorstep today, just a couple days after ordering.  Each figurine was individually plastic bagged and the package also had air pockets to keep them from jostling around.  

My first impression is that they seem just as adorable in person as they appear to be online!  Here are a few things I noticed about them, to help you decide if you "need" some for your own collection.

Material - They don’t feel like traditional blow mold material.  They seem much more like some of the vintage injection mold tabletop ones I have like my favorite old 10” Union Snowman with Two Children I can see as I type this.

Size - They are a good size for indoor pieces.  

  • The Penguin is 13 ½” tall and 6” wide and deep at the base
  • The Nutcracker is 14” tall with a 4 ¾” round base & 5 ½” across the shoulders

Color - The color is strong on the main parts of the molds.  It doesn’t seem painted in a traditional blow mold sense in that trying to scratch off paint with a fingernail doesn’t do any damage.  There are glittery accent sections on each mold, and I can see where that glitter can certainly scrape off over time with misuse and handling.  With the exception of the white glitter on the base, the glitter sections don’t seem overly delicate on the ones I received.  

Power - Each figurine takes three AAA batteries, which are not included.  They also have a small test button with limited battery to show their illumination without the AAAs. 

Illumination - The white sections light up nicely with the small temporary button battery from the factory and certainly with the AAA batteries installed.   The white mustache & hair on the Nutcracker is the right touch when you turn him on.  His red uniform glows whereas the blue on the penguin really doesn’t.  There is plenty of white to shine through on the penguin belly and the rim of his hat.


Overall - For $10 each, these seem to be excellent, new small-mold entrants into the ever-growing list of blow mold revival figures coming to store shelves across the country this year.  I am glad I purchased them and will enjoy displaying them this year.  

What a wonderful time of the year, indeed!

Happy Blowmolding!
-Eric & Matt 



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CRAIG NOLINSKE on 2021,12,11

Needing a bot a 3" nutcracker, blow mold, lighted!! Please help! Craig

South Texas on 2020,12,03

I purchased a pair of toy soldiers to add to my newest collection of blow molds.
A friend mentioned Lowe’s carried a blow mold Christmas tree battery operated for $45.00. I delighted with my Walmart blow mold Christmas trees!