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Replacement Finger for Whispering Santa Blow Mold, Santa's Best & General Foam

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Factory or aftermarket replacement Finger for 48" Whispering Santa with removable finger, originally from Santa's Best and later from General Foam.

This Santa is quietly sneaking around your display, hushing any boys or girls who may be trying to spoil his secrets, and he can't keep them quiet without his shushing index finger.  This iconic blow mold was first made by Santa's Best with green gloves and a green finger, and later by General Foam without the green glove accent (they opted for flesh colored hands to save on a painting color/step).

Now you can complete your Whispering Santa (or replace that old finger you hot-glued) with a factory original finger or aftermarket replacement.  

Don't settle for "kinda close" finger options like old wax candles, stale cheese puffs, or some old toy proxy.  Get the factory look with these new old stock (NOS) factory-made fingers or exacting aftermarket replacements.

The finger sticks up about 2.5" from the Whispering Santa and comes in two varieties:

1. Factory made Beige/Flesh colored finger:  These are from the General Foam factory & have a metal screw base.  They were factory painted flesh toned for the General Foam version of the Santa. (if desired, you could certainly re-paint it green to match your Santa's Best version or a darker flesh toned to match the AA version.)


2. Aftermarket GREEN colored finger:  These are digitally scanned and replicated aftermarket replacement fingers, produced in green.  They have an integrated plastic screw and will work great for your Santa's best version with green gloves, no paint needed.

The entire Santa is pictured for reference. This item is only for the finger and does not include the Santa, light fixture, or other accessories.  (Don't forget, we also sell factory made glasses for this Santa and others.)

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Replacement Finger for Whispering Santa Blow Mold, Santa's Best & General Foam


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