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"Clark" Antlers for Santa's Reindeer and Giant Reindeer Blow Mold (General Foam & Empire)

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As seen on TV.  Well, kind of... our TV at least :)

Buying one of these gets you a pair of custom "Clark" antlers, designed for the 34” General Foam (GF) Santa’s reindeer, originally made by Empire as a “Giant Reindeer with Antlers” in decades past. 

You may have seen that we first created hybrid General Foam Style antlers for Grand Venture reindeer early last year, and we overnighted 8 of those to NYC in 2020 for what ended up being the Griswold Family reunion Ford commercial.  That got us thinking... what if we made other kinds of custom antlers, maybe ones inspired by ones we may see on our TV during this festive Christmas season, or when family is on Vacation at our homes...  Well here they are, a classic looking, reasonable sized antler that may help your reindeer really take a punch... or a kick... (No blow molds were damaged in the making of these antlers; Please be kind to blow mold animals.)

These antlers have been designed to give your blow mold reindeer a distinct & unique look, and maybe even get them ready to soar high in the sky if your uncle lights a cigar next to a gaseous sewer. They come with a specially designed adapter to securely mount them to your reindeer, without the need for screws or other mounting hardware.  Each antler is over 9" long and 4" deep.  Clark antlers will make your reindeer ready for the red carpet!

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This is for a pair of replacement Clark antlers with adapter only. Reindeer not included.

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"Clark" Antlers for Santa's Reindeer and Giant Reindeer Blow Mold (General Foam & Empire)

$30.00 USD

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