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Candle Flame for Poloron 38" Standing Candles (also Holiday Innovations)

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Replacement flame for the 38" Standing Candles from Poloron (later sold by Holiday Innovations).

**Yes, the pictures are of an actual replacement flame. Yours will also look that good!**

The Poloron Standing Candle Blow Mold was the first pair of candles I purchased, from a farmer who's parents bought them decades prior. (Yes, my candle bases had been repainted, but i wasn't that savvy yet to realize i should care.) One of the flames essentially disintegrated in the hour-long car ride home, so I was left with only one good flame. That, and I had to clean the bases out, but that's another story...

Having only one flame inspired me to find a solution to make flames for candles that are missing their most essential and visible piece, which led to this project to make flames and other accessories available to all collectors, decorators, and enthusiasts.  If you need a replacement flame for your 38" Standing Candle from Poloron, you've come to the right place!

This replacement flame was expertly molded and created from the original with exacting specifications. It sits nicely atop the Poloron candle base like the original flames did and will help you get your classic candles back in action.  If this isn't exactly the model you need, drop us a line and let us know which one you're looking for. We'll be doing more candles in the coming weeks and months so we'd be happy to help get yours done too!

Height: 8 inches
Opening Diameter: 3 3/4 Inches

Note: this is for the flame only. Candle body, bulb, and cord not included.

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Candle Flame for Poloron 38" Standing Candles (also Holiday Innovations)

$20.00 USD

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