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Replacement Candle Flame for 45" Blow Mold NOEL Candle from Empire

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Large replacement flame for the 45" Giant Noel Candle No. 1329 Blow Mold from Empire  

There are two versions available:  One is over 12" tall and looks great standing on top of your larger Empire candle base.  It is very similar to the original and simply eliminates the curl at the tops of the flame which is a bit more difficult to produce, making it a few dollars less expensive to make and to purchase.

The other is a replica of the factory original at 14" tall including the curl at the top of the flame. Limited quantities of these are available each season.

These replacement flames are expertly molded and created from the original with exacting specifications. They sit nicely atop the Giant Noel Empire blow mold candle base like the original flames did and will help you get your classic candles back in action.  

Note: this is for the flame only. Candle body, bulb, and cord not included.

**Yes, the pictures are of an actual replacement flame. Your flame will also look that good!**


Option 1:
 12 1/2 inches
Opening: 3 7/8 inches

Option 2:
 14 inches
Opening: 3 7/8 inches

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Replacement Candle Flame for 45" Blow Mold NOEL Candle from Empire


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