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Candle Flame for 42" Dapol Candle - 4" Base

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Replacement flame for the 42" Promotional and Deluxe Noel Candles from Dapol. This one fits the versions with the 4" candle top as the opening at the bottom of the flame is just under 4" itself (some Dapol candle bases have a 3.75" wide top).

Dapol candles have a large, majestic flame, and we're proud to bring these newly produced replacement flames to you so you can restore your Dapol candles to their full glory.  

These replacement flames will fit either the red 42" Promotional Noel Candle base or the multi-colored Deluxe Noel Candle. 

This replacement flame was expertly molded and created from the original with exacting specifications. It sits nicely atop the Dapol candle base like the original flames did and will help you get your classic candles back in action.  

Note: this is for the flame only. Candle body, bulb, and cord not included.

**Yes, the pictures are of an actual replacement flame. Your flame will also look that good!**

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Candle Flame for 42" Dapol Candle - 4" Base

$24.00 USD

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