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Light Socket, Cord, & Light Plate Combo for Santa's Best Blow Molds

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This is the Light Socket/Cord/Plate you need for your Santa's Best blow molds.  

If you are missing a back plate and light socket for one of your Santa's Best blow molds, or had one break on you, this combo is for you.  The socket/cord is a factory made light cord originally designed for General Foam blow molds, with a 4 foot cord, a fused end, and a socket designed for a standard (aka medium) E26 size screw in bulb, typically found on A19 bulbs in North America.  

(note:  certain CFL & LED bulbs have a shorter neck and aren't designed to work with socket that have a flared neck like this model.  For instance, I've found Sylvania LED bulbs work while the FEIT ones don't. ) 

This also includes a factory sized replacement light plate which is the same 4" wide and 3.75" tall as the original and has slots to fit in the back of your Santa's Best blow mold and hold the light socket secure, just like the original. The light plates come in Green, Red, Blue or White. 

There are many other items available in the store and we'll be adding many more before the holidays.  If there is something specific you're looking for, please drop us a message or email so we can track it on our priority list. 

This is for a Light socket, cord, and back plate.  Screws are not included.

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Light Socket, Cord, & Light Plate Combo for Santa's Best Blow Molds


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